People who are affected by conductive hearing loss or auditory processing difficulties find it hard to understand what other people say in some situations, may not know that they have a listening problem. If they and the people in their family or in their work place know about the problem there are some simple things they can do to help themselves and each other.

This website is here to help you and other people who are dealing with these problems directly find the information that you need to understand and manage them.

There is also information for those teaching, working with or providing services to Indigenous people that have hearing loss as a result of childhood ear disease.

We developed this website and the resources available on it to help ensure that the negative outcomes that can be associated with conductive hearing loss and auditory processing problems are minimized. We have also developed training packages that help to reduce the risk of social, educational and occupational problems related to conductive hearing loss and auditory processing problems. (Phoenix training programs).

My name is Damien Howard. I established Phoenix Consulting and I am a psychologist and teacher. I live in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. I have spent many years investigating the social effects of conductive hearing loss and auditory processing problems, and acting on the results of those investigations to try and make life better for the people who are affected by them.

You can find out more about my work on the Articles page. There is also a numebr of training programs available 1) face to face 2) via the internet and 3) through internet and teletraining. These are available anywhere in the world. Check out the phoenix training programs page. If you want to contact me, send an email to damien at (substituting the @ sign)

Dr Damien Howard

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