Phoenix Consulting

Phoenix Consulting offers counseling, training and consulting services.

Phoenix Consulting is owned and managed by Dr Damien Howard a psychologist, educator and consultant.

He is experienced in individual and relationship counseling, child assessment, and personal change counseling.


Damien has specialised in the areas outlined below.

Working with children and adults with listening problems (mild hearing loss and/or auditory processing problems). Damien works with clients face to face in Darwin or elsewhere by phone, chat/email, or video. Information on his work in this area can be found on the below websites.

Other ares of speciality are working with Indigenous clients and around remote cross cultural service provision. Work in this area can be found on the following website

The Phoenix was a mythical bird.
There was only ever one of its species.
At the end of its life it was renewed through fire.
It arose again from the ashes of that fire.

For Phoenix Consulting , the mythical Phoenix symbolizes the unique identity of every person and their potential to grow, and to grow even more through adversity.

Damien Howard

Phoenix Consulting
P O Box 793
Nightcliff, DARWIN NT 0814

Phone: + 61 8 8948 4444
Fax: + 61 8 8948 3838
Mobile: + 61 412 484 487
Email: damien(at)phoenixconsulting(dot)com(dot)au

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