Providing Support

The psycho-social outcomes of minimal hearing loss and auditory processing problems is a neglected area. There is little awareness of the issue and few people working in this area.

  • If you would like to provide support to promote awareness of this issue and develop resources and knowledge about the area there are many possibilities.
  • Volunteer time to help develop graphics or audio visual resources. These are skills that people with listening difficulties often excel in.
  • Undertake research in this area. There are many areas that need to be investigated and few people working in the area. If you have research skills or a student looking for research topic you can help by carrying out research.
  • Helping financially. Most of the resources on these pages have been developed with no or minimal funding. More funding can help to devlop more and better quailty resources. You may be able to help with raising funds.
  • Promoting awareness of these issues. This can be as simple as talking to people. You may be able to promote awaress among families or one of the professions who are not well informed about these issues.
  • Helping to review and comment on materials as they are developed. Youmay be able to review and comment on resources as they are being developed.


If you wish to provide support in any of these ways please contact Damien at (substituting the @ symbol for at)




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